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Big Dreams – Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal has already conquered many hearts as television’s most adorable hero. Now, he takes his first step to don the big screen. The small screen star, who a few months back opted out of SAB TV’s popular Left Right Left, will act in debutant Raj Kumar Gupta’s film Amir.

“I’ve been getting scripts for the last couple of years. This is the most exciting project that I came across,” says Khandelwal, who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. “It’s a realistic story and I’m playing a very believable character.”

Amir—to be produced by Spotboy, an arm of UTV Motion Pictures—tells the story of a Muslim professional who lands in Mumbai from London, only to be entangled in a series of hassles. “I’m playing a middleclass guy who faces the most unexpected situation. The movie is a fast-paced thriller,” adds Khandelwal, who had signed Amir even before UTV was roped in as a producer.

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Careerwise – Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal has got himself a Business Manager to manage his career. Shveta Salve’s boyfriend Rodney Barnes is set to get the best out of Rajeev’s Bollywood ambitions. Rodney will manage Rajeev’s work dates and finances. Rodney who started his career with Wizcraft started managing his girlfriend Shveta’s career. Besides managing Rajeev and Shveta’s career, Rodney also provides technical production help for events.

Says Rajeev, “I am hoping that my association with Rodney turns out to be a fruitful one. He is a very intelligent and sensible guy who knows his job well and he’s the right guy to manage my career.”

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Rajeev is a snob or a loner?

Apparently Rajeev loves his own company.


Recently at a TV event in Mauritius, telly actors had a blast. They enjoyed their stay in the exotic location. For once they were not shedding tears and crying on each other’s shoulders as they always do on the sets. But while all TV actors were staying at the resort where the organisers had put them up, Rajeev Khandelwal was staying somewhere far away and all alone!

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The script of Rajeev Khandelwal’s debut film ‘Aamir’ has no room for a heroine!

The suave Rajeev has no grandiose plans for his birthday tomorrow either, which he incidentally shares with actor Hema Malini .

Incidentally, Rajeev is busy preparing for his debut movie ‘Aamir’ (director Anurag Kashyap), which will get rolling after Dussehra.

Is it true that ‘good friend’ and actor Aamna Shariff was being tipped to pair opposite him in ‘Aamir’? “That’s wild speculation.

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How Many Of You Are Going To Phone Rajeev?

Hey guys,

Since now we have the number to wish Rajeev on his birthday, I just thought of asking whether you’re gonna give him a call? Did you speak to him last year?

If you spoke to him last year, then please share your conversation with us! And when you’re done speaking on 16th, then please share that conversation as well! :D

Good luck,
Sonya ;)

Rajeev Khandelwal – The Birthday Boy (October 16)

Happy Birthday Rajeev!!!

Hey friends,

As we all know that Rajeev’s birthday is very much near, ofcourse we all would love to send him messages! For now, we haven’t got any information regarding the special number which Rajeev may provide this year like he did the previous year. If at all we get any information, we’ll definitely post it here and incase any of you receive any information, please do send it to us by commenting on any post (we’ll receive it and then post in on the site).

Okay, who knows that Rajeev might read the messages and birthday wishes from his fans on this website? After all, we’are the # 1 Fanclub Site of Rajeev Khandelwal.

So friends, start wishing Rajeev! And we’ll hope that he checks out our messages!

Now what are you waiting for, post Right Here Right Now ………… ;)

P.S : Rajeev’s Special Mobile Number To Wish Him : 9820165060. Remember, this number is valid only on October 16th.


Is LRL boring without Rajeev?

Hey friends,

Do you think that LRL has maintained the same standard as it was when Rajeev was a part of the show? Or has LRL’s charm reduced? Most importantly, are you still watching LRL ?

Write down your views — [:)]