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Congratulations Rajeev!!!

Hello Friends!

It brings us great pleasure in Congratulating Rajeev for winning the Gold Award for:

Best Actor (male) – Rajeev Khandelwal for (Left Right Left)

Congratz Rajeev – it really is a very well deserved award!!!

Do join us in congratulating Rajeev here!!!

Kind Regards,

Site Team

Rajeev’s popularity!!!

Rajeev’s popularity

We met up with the most eligible bachelor in tellyland, Rajeev Khandelwal on the sets of Left Right Left. While chatting up with us, he narrated a rather dreadful experience in the Pink City Jaipur where he was hounded by a gang of 20 girls in a disco.

“As I entered the disco some 15 to 20 girls came running towards me. All of them wanted to dance with me; they were yelling and pulling me towards themselves. It was a bit scary as I was not really able to handle so many girls at the same time. Ultimately, I left the venue within the next ten minutes. Later, after an hour I returned back and guess what! Those girls were still waiting for me. I was pleased by their attitude and decided to shake a leg with all of them,” adds Rajeev.

This is not the first time that Rajeev faced such a situation. Two years back, one had heard of instances where girls used to forcefully enter the sets of Kahiin to Hoga just to get a glimpse of the actor. Well! We can only wish Rajeev All the Best!

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Rajeev : With Aamna or Priyanka?

Hey people,

So what do you think? Rajeev looks better with Aamna or Priyanka? Justify the reason and at the end of two weeks from now, we will declare that who suits him better based on the comments you fans give!

aamna.jpg priyanka.jpg

What are you waiting for? Well, we are definitely waiting for your comments!

Jai Hind,

Goodbye to Captain Rajvir Singh Shikhavat!

Hey guys,

Well now Rajeev has finally left LRL. We all know that Rajeev will be doing a film and because of that, he won’t be responding soon to emails, interviews etc.. once he is done with that, he will be back to reply to the media & to his fans ofcourse!


I just wanted to know your views on LRL before and after Rajeev’s exit from the show. Any particular favourite scene of Rajeev? Your take on Naina-Rajvir love story?

Whatever is in your heart… just write down!

Jai Hind !!!

- Sonya