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Will you continue watching LRL after Rajeev leaves the show?

Hey all,

We all know that the main reason for LRL to be the most rocking show is Rajeev himself!! As we all know that his track is coming to an end soon, so are you gonna continue to watch Left Right Left?

Please post your comments here !!!


Rajeev talks about his dream woman

Small screen heart-throb Rajeev Khandelwal talks about the woman of his dreams.

What ideal qualities would you want in your woman?

My woman should be very feminine, unlike some females today who try to be a man.

Would you prefer a homemaker or a working woman?
Working woman any day. In this age, no self-respecting woman would want to depend on her man for anything.

Hottest getaway with her?
I would want to go the world’s coldest place with the hottest chick. However, I would avoid mentioning names because all the women who are on my mind right now are either married or seeing someone.

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Quit pro Quo – Rajeev Khandelwal

… Scream the headlines, everytime Rajeev Khandelwal turns his back on a successful character. Not that it bothers the actor who’s eyeing the big screen now…

Rajeev Khandelwal is in news again. But this time round, it has nothing to do with the two women – Aamna Shariff and Ekta Kapoor – in his life, but his career moves. To cut a long story short, Rajeev has quit yet another tele-serial , hot on the heels of his exit from Kahiin To Hoga , the serial that made him and his character , Sujal, such a rage. He seems to have quite a penchant for such stuff!

“Yes, it’s true. I will not be seen in the serial (where he plays an armyman ) anymore, but I haven’t quit the show. It’s just that my role is coming to an end,” he defends, in a tête-à-tête with Lucknow Times during a recent visit to the city. But if truth be spoken, Rajeev isn’t content being the SRK of the tele world.

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‘I’m absolutely clueless about what I am going to do next’ – Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal has opted out of a TV serial again! What pushes this small screen hunk to quit a show when it’s at its peak and has made him popular?

So you’ve made up your mind to quit Left Right Left?
My character in Left Right Left is coming to an end. It’s a logical end. And I am more than happy because I don’t believe in dragging characters just because they are popular.

A few months ago too you said you’d be quitting this show, but things got resolved then…
It takes a while for a popular character to come to an end. I have had a fantastic relationship with the producers Tony and Deeya, so I left it to them to decide how much time it would take for Rajveer’s story to end.

What if the producers now agree to give you whatever you want in terms of the script and maybe even better money?
This question doesn’t apply to me. I don’t approach my career that way. As it is, the producers have always given me, probably, much more than what I deserved.

A few years ago you’d opted out of Kahiin Toh Hoga, a serial that made you a household face. Isn’t history repeating itself here?
I wonder why there’s a hue and cry made when I get done with a show. What do you expect? You want me to end up playing two characters for the next ten years? I’m sure it is an achievement too, but I’ve never looked at my career that way. For me an achievement would be playing ten characters in the next ten years, and make all of them popular.

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Ends & beginnings – Rajeev Khandelwal

CAPTAIN Rajveer Singh Shekhawat’s uniform hangs on a wall in Rajeev Khandelwal’s green room in Powai’s Chitrarth studio, where the actor is shooting for SAB TV’s popular Left Right Left. The military outfit will soon be useless as its owner is quitting the show.

“Captain Rajveer Singh’s track in the story is meeting a logical end. Singh is a military officer and therefore, his tenure in the academy can’t continue for more than two-and-a-half years,” says Khandelwal.

Producers of the TRP-grabbing show aren’t too happy, and there are rumours of him starring in a film with his TV co-star Aamna Shariff. However, Khandelwal is tight-lipped. “I’m not leaving the show for any other reason. I don’t think TRPs should decide a character’s shelf-life,” he insists. “I have often been approached for films but either the scripts weren’t interesting enough or I couldn’t trust the makers.”

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Indian telly’s not so funny anymore – Rajeev’s comments

Not just the audience, even actors are switching over to American sitcoms.

Channels are terming it as comedy’s second innings. What with a new stand-up comedy show coming up everyday, one would think that the Indian audience would be left laughing their guts out.

However, youngsters are unanimous in their opinion that the slapstick stand-up acts on TV are distinctly unfunny and they are switching on to sitcoms like Friends, Sienfeld, Full House and others. Who cares if they are into their nth rerun!

As anchor Mini Mathur says, “I only watch American sitcoms on telly. Indian comedy serials are seriously unfunny and very me-too in their approach. There is such dumbing down of concepts that urban youth can find nothing in common with them. And one can’t watch daily soaps with their unidimensional characters and stories that never come to an end.”

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