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Games Rajeev Khandelwal Plays :

Rajeev Khandelwal is all set to play his favourite sport, badminton, with none other than national champion Amod Tilak today, at the Goregoan Sports Complex. Incidentally, Rajeev has always been into sports and also represented his college in diving. After shifting from Delhi to Mumbai, Rajeev has been regularly playing squash, tennis and badminton.

Rajeev says, “Yes, I will be playing today depending on Amod’s time schedule. I have known him for a long time. He is obviously the best in the business and has also won national and international matches. I know I play badminton very well, but he is the best. It will be a great learning process as well and I will definitely get to learn a trick or two from Amod.”

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Rajeev talking about Aamna

“Aamna Shareef? Please, write so much about the two of us that finally she gets fed up and says ‘Ok, I’ll marry Rajeev’.” Long designated the Most Romantic Looker on TV, Rajeev Khandelwal has put ‘Kahin Toh Hoga’ firmly behind him and with ‘Left Right Left’, hopes his life is taking the ‘right’ direction towards serials, films and that special someone

You took a long hiatus before shooting for the second season of your SAB serial, ‘Left Right Left’. What did you do in this period?
I rediscovered myself. I am in love with myself all over again. I met a lot of people. I saw films. I bought a nice, new camping car and took it for a solo trip to Jim Corbett National Park, where I stayed in the wild. I also participated in a car rally with 40 other cars.

But didn’t dropping out of the rat race make you insecure? Other actors are doing multiple serials.
I don’t get fidgety or restless during my breaks. I don’t look at other people and think that they are earning mega bucks and so should I. I want to do one thing and move on to another. Bungee jumping – done! Leaving ‘Kahin to Hoga’ – done! Doing a show on SAB – done! Going for a car rally – done! I am on a high.

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Yes, I’m quitting TV for films : Rajeev Khandelwal

Sujal Garewal aka Rajeev Khandelwal is a well-known name for the viewers of “Kahiin To Hoga”. After playing this character, Rajeev has become popular in the television industry.

Now, as Rajvir Singh Shekhavat in “Left Right Left” he is living in the heart of the Indian audience. It is heard that he is planning to do films and has decided to quit television. We met him recently to know his mind and plans.

Q: “Left Right Left” is going well on screen. So why have you decided to quit this serial?
A: Yes, you are right. “Left Right Left” is going well. But my role will come to an end in the next 15 days. I’m playing the character named Rajvir Singh Shekhavat, who came in on a mission. Now, he has completed his work and so he has to go.

I don’t want to drag my character because I do not want to add rubbish to the serial. I am not such type of person who believes only in money and popularity. Self-satisfaction is more important for me.

Q: Are you working in any other serial?
A: I don’t take two or three serials at one time. My aim is not to just come on the screen and do unimportant roles. I want to do only good roles. Only after “Left Right Left” will I think about another serial.

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‘I am in no hurry to join films’ – Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal tells DT that he has quit Left Right Left, but has not signed any film…

After ruling the hearts of the television audiences, everyone thought Rajeev Khandelwal would take the next logical step and move onto the big screen.

But, Rajeev is no hurry to jump at any Bollywood offer that comes his way. Says he, “Talks about various projects are on. But, nothing has been finalised as yet.” The actor is reportedly quitting the serial Left Right Left to work in films.

Rajeev clarifies, “I never ever leave anything for anything else – that’s not my style. My role in the LRL is coming to an end. As an actor, I feel that a character should carry on only up to a certain point. There’s no point in dragging it on unnecessarily.”

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Rajeev Khandelwal Not Ready For Love

He is the eye candy on Indian television. Girls go weak in the knees when they see him and in his own words, Rajeev Khandelwal “is enjoying every minute of the attention”. He is excited about his role in the serial Left Right Left and is kicked about the best actor award that he won for it. He says, “This serial is a take off on the Indian Army. Since I come from a fauji background myself, I was more than happy to be a part of it. I remember I was in a coffee shop when I heard the script and I decided in an instant that I wanted to do the serial. I think it was the best decision of my life.”

So, does he want to graduate from television to films? “When I asked myself this question, I was torn between my present occupation and the 70 mm temptation. But then I realised that not having done enough television, I should stick to it for a while,” he replies. While maintaining this stand, Rajeev also adds that the day he reads a good script and is offered an excellent role in a film, he will jump at the opportunity. “I want a script that gives me a kick,” he says. For Rajeev, “the script is the king”.

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“It is always better to leave a character when it is at its’ peak.” Rajeev Khandelwal

“It is always better to leave a character when it is at its’ peak.” Rajeev Khandelwal

The buzz doing the rounds is that Rajeev’s character, Captain Rajvir of Left Right Left, will die soon. This will be the second time that Rajeev is planning to leave a show when his character is at its peak. Previously Rajeev left Kahiin Toh Hoga at the height of his character, Sujal’s, popularity.

So what is with his trend of quitting while he’s ahead?
Rajeev says: “I don’t know but I’ve always felt that it is better to leave a show when your character is popular and when it is at its peak rather than continuing with it with for seven years! After a long time, people tend to forget your character as with any other daily show. The character should be shelved while it is popular. Endlessly dragging it on is of no use. If this happens then the character vanishes in no time.”

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Rajeev – One Of The Hottest Men On TV

LT asked a few of telly s leading ladies to tell us who they think are the hottest men on TV. Their responses – Rajeev Khandelwal and Rohit Roy – shouldn’t come as surprises to anyone…
They might be haute property on television, but that doesn’t stop tele’s leading ladies from having their own hot favourites! Lucknow Times spoke to a few screen sizzlers to find out who makes their heart go dhak dhak and trust us Rohit Roy and Rajeev Khandelwal seem to have beaten the rest for the top slot. But there are other names too. Read on… Put the question to Sangeeta Ghosh and it sets her thinking before she finally manages to say, “There isn’t any one who’s actually hot, but yes there are some good looking actors like Shabbir and Rohit Roy. In fact, I even find Kiran Kumar quite good looking and believe me, they look even better on screen!” And then adds as an after thought, “Come to think of it, all the actors who work with me are good looking!”

But Sangeeta isn’t the only one who finds it difficult to name a ‘hot’ looking male on the s m a l l screen, even actor Mandira Bedi seems to be facing the same dilemma. “I don’t find any man on TV hot enough but yes, there are some good looking actors, Rajeev Khandelwal is one. But I’m only talking about his onscreen persona, I haven’t met him in person,” says Mandira.

Roshni Chopra on the other hand seems to have worked out the names well in advance. Ask her and she’s quick to respond: “Rohit Roy, Iqbal Khan and Ram Kapoor are certainly hot. They exude charisma both on and off screen,” she rattles off.

Actor Neha Mehta is also quite clear about her choice. “I find Rohit Roy hot both on and off screen. Besides Rohit, Anand Suryavanshi who has worked with me in Mamta and Rajeev Khandelwal are also hot, but Rohit remains the ultimate choice. He’s gifted with great looks and a good voice, which contribute in making him so impressive .” Interestingly some of the ladies can’t think of even a single name. Achint Kaur for instance speaks candidly , “I don’t find any male actor hot because my definition of hot is not just great looks. For me a man must also be intelligent if he has to be hot and unfortunately I have not found anyone so intelligent,” Wow!

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